Hell is Other People's Software

Being useful on Github

If you write software, you should be raising hell on Github.

Much software is written 100% in the public eye. I respect software written this way and so should you. When the software does not work as advertised or as desired, you can go straight to the source and let them know.

In the past sixteen days, I’ve opened six issues on dd_platform_docker, Jolibrain’s open-source deep learning software. Sixteen days ago dd_platform_docker did not work as advertised. It is working much better today.

Of course, the credit of fixing these issues goes to Mehdi, Alexandre, and Emmanuel, but without me these bugs would be lingering. This software makes working with deep learning models SO EASY but these incidental bugs can turn off would-be AI innovators.

Emmanuel has since broken my six issue streak. He opened two issues about the Jupyter Notebooks that no one could even run before I brought it up.

Not every piece of software has a megacorp behind it and even if it does, it may be understaffed. You matter and you can help. Don’t suffer in solitude. Raise some hell.